The Healing Globally Project

The Healing Globally Project is a way to pay forward healing locally and around the globe to those in great need, but with limited or no financial resources, by offering services from holistic practitioners, healers, medicine women and men.

It is a way to heal our global community from the trauma it carries from catastrophic violence, disease, and natural disasters. Being able to hold someone’s hand and help them to feel even a moment of peace, creates a powerful sense of belonging and hope.

The project was created out of a desire to support all individuals and groups globally. Our planet is navigating the challenges of deep levels of trauma, illness, and injuries brought on by violence, abuse, disease, grief, and an energy of depletion. We, as a planet of beings, are in need of great healing of body and spirit. 

Each of of carries within us the DNA and story of our ancestries, as well as our own experiences. Our globally community is in great need letting go of the lineage of violence, shame, and destruction, which have permeated through countless generations.

My job is to offer healing to the world. I take this job seriously. My wish is to reach all people, both individually and collectively. There is too much sadness raging on our planet and my desire is to be able to support all beings globally, without needing to consider the “how” aspect of my offering. As a breast cancer survivor and solo parent in the world of healing, I understand far to well the experience of financial hardship. Yet, it is imperative to be able to pay forward healing. We, as a planet, deserve to be held and nourished.

Many Blessings and Much Love,