Building Temples (volume 3)

I am no damsel in distress in need of saving. I have been saving myself for a lifetime.

I am a Queen. I am a Priestess. I am a Goddess.
None of these titles require another to pick me up off of the ground and protect me from dragons.

I am my own dragon. Raw and fierce and breathing fire.

These titles require a quick wit, deep contemplation, a strong sword, movement, flow, trust, tranquility, space, peace, love, joy, sadness, pure intoxication from within.

I am power. I am Divine. I am the glitter of vibration connecting all living things in the Universe.

These titles sit inside my bones and grow into who I am becoming. Birthed from my rounded hips, the truth of who I am, and who I will be tomorrow, is written between sheets caught in a whisper. To be saved by another only endangers Self. This lifetime has gifted me knowledge and wisdom with every wooden door, double pane window, and unexpected rock underneath my foot.

I am strong. I am powerful. I cry. I feel ecstasy. I create beings, language, and love. I dance with my heart. I love with my soul. I break into a million pieces of glass when my heart feels broken. The shards are collected, turned into dust, and given back to Spirit to be blessed, healed, and transformed.

My voice moves me forward where dragons lay in wait along the road, and the sway and rhythm of my hips becomes my song.