Lore has helped me through two major health crises – chronic Lyme disease and breast cancer. In the darkness, discomfort, and fear of severe illness, she helped me align myself into the light, time and time again. The way we interpret the circumstances of our life is extraordinarily powerful, and Lore helped me redirect my energy into perspectives that helped me feel grounded, hopeful and empowered. This was incredibly supportive to me in my healing and my daily quality of life. Her skill and care has helped me cultivate a life with more peacefulness and purpose. ~ Rachel Berry

Lore Ross is magic. In some of the darkest periods of my life she has cleared the way to let the light back in. If you’re facing things you feel like you can’t endure or just need to get out of your own way a little more than you’re able to on your own, Lore can bring the spiritual Drano. Love you and the work you do, Lore!  ~ Heather Donahue

I refer to Lore Ross as my spiritual medium coach.  She has an extraordinary talent and gift to heal, provide insight and connect with a higher source. When I’m feeling blocked, broken, unbalanced or unsure, Lore is always my “go-to” person.  I’m not her only fan, Lore is a See Jane Do favorite at our events. In fact, many of our keynote speakers at our last event referred to Lore during their presentation as extraordinary. She has transformed my life for the better. ~ Elisa Parker

I love having Lore work with me! She is a calm and gentle healer guiding me toward discovery. At a session I feel relaxed, safe and open to changes that Lore invites to help my body and mind heal and move forward. My sessions have been different each time and turn out to be just what I need at that time, even when I had no idea what it was I was seeking. I am left with renewed energy, a clearer vision of my path and grounded in myself.  It’s an amazing feeling. ~ Risa Roseman

Lore has helped me in ways that I was not expecting. Her work is very thorough, as so much information passes through her and many issues are addressed, even issues that I was not asking for! The direct, yet gentle way the information comes through hits home each time. It’s always just what I needed to hear, and I can not deny that now with the information I received, it’s time to make changes. She’s a catalyst for change and healing for me. Thank you dear Lore! ~ Kimberly K.

I am blessed with your gift, touch, heart and generosity. Thank you for vibrating with and at your Highest Self for the healing and betterment of your sisters. ~ Erin Barry

If you have not yet had a session with Lore, please do, I highly recommend it! She has been a brave soul traveling this world doing her own healing and growing. She is an incredible healer, channel, and soul. She has so much to offer and an immense capacity for holding space for those who come to her. Do yourself a favor and book some time and I promise you will not be disappointed!                     ~ Ronda Mathew

Working with Lore Ross is such a gift! I love the work we are able to do together. I feel like she uses my strengths and wisdom, and together we create the healing. I have experienced such deep healing on the physical, energetic, and emotional level and my life is fuller and richer for the work. I whole heartedly recommend Lore and her work to anyone! ~ Terre Busse

Those of you who have been touched by the incredible work of Lore Ross at Honeyroot or elsewhere will know exactly what I mean…those of you who have not yet experienced her magic, well all I can say is it is a truly healing, memorable, blissful, divine, gentle, powerful, nourishing experience!            ~ Judith Moloney

Lore’s healing work is transformative. I emerge from our sessions lighter, full of new insights and empowered. Most importantly, I feel accompanied by Lore on my healing journey. ~ Lily

I’m not sure where to start. What an amazing eye opening experience!!! When I went to see Lore, I didn’t quite know what to expect. I just knew that our personalities meshed. I have seen a couple of psychics/energy healers in the Bay Area, and if you are looking for a total cleansing and energetic reboot, Lore is your answer. Before I went to see her, I felt stagnant and anxious but didn’t know why. I knew I needed a change but had no direction. The night after our sessions I slept like a baby a woke up recharged, refreshed and like a clean slate. It was immediately easier to go about my day, see what my true purpose in life was and what changes I needed to make to go about pursuing that vision. The session was truly life changing. ~ Kurt 

Wow!!! Lore is an incredible healer. Period. She has a very wide skillset and is highly psychic as well as empathetic and comforting. Immediately upon meeting, I completely feel held and trusting of her. She is able to help with trauma, grief, difficult situations and even in some cases health issues. She is worth every penny! ~ Chase

Even before getting on her table, Lore has a way of making you feel so loved and taken care of. Once on her table, for me, she diagnosed generational trauma I had never spoken of and I left my sessions feeling quite tingly, altered and cleansed. If you are looking for an intuitive healer that will work with you and for you along your journey, that will not only diagnose but provide prescriptions for inner work ~ Jaclyn 

What a beautiful experience I had! I met Lore at a Holistic Health Salon in SF and was drawn to her work and her overall “vibe.” She is motherly, kind, reassuring, highly intuitive and truly gifted! I left the session feeling light, happy, satisfied and healed. ~ Maïté