Lore Ross is a Channel and Spiritual Counselor. Through her body, she channels Source Energy to offer healing and information.

She is seen as Medical Intuitive, clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, an empath, and a medium; She is able to remotely view inside an individual’s energy and ancestral lineage, which allows for a deeper perspective into their past, present, and chosen future.

As a Channel, Lore speaks and works in ancient dialects and harmonic tones. Aligned with Source, she offers non-directive healing and truth. She has a deep awareness of the gifts of Presence and Being that flow through her body and energy.

Lore works individually with women, children, and men. She also supports families, animals, trees and plant life. In addition, she offers House Healings to clear the energy of one’s home.

Most recently, Lore participated WonderLove, a live broadcast on KVMR hosted by Elisa Parker with special guest and peace activist, Ken Nwadike, Jr., from the Free Hugs Project. This broadcast was aired nationally on September 23 to honor World Peace Weekend and the March for Civility. In June, Lore offered balance and restoration to 150 participants in a group setting at the Indivisible Women of Nevada County Gather-Up.

She has also Channeled at Raising Jane, an event which offered connection and communication between mothers and daughters with guest speakers Monique, Azure Antoinette and Emily Rex. She has worked at numerous retreats and events which include HoneyRoot Women’s Embodiment Retreat, See Jane Do’s Passion Into Action, Float & Giggles, and WorldFest.

Lore holds a BS in Psychology, Counseling and an MA in English, Creative Writing. In addition, she is a Certified Massage Therapist, Certified Reiki Master, and BodyTalk Systems Practitioner.

Lore is currently writing her memoir.

Here is the Archived Version of KVMR Women’s Show with Arly Helm. It was the first hour (and a little bit) on Monday, January 29 on the Women’s Show. A copy of the interview will be posted when I receive it!

Interview with Elisa Park, See Jane Do