Lore Ross is a renown Channel, Healer and Psychic Medium. Lore channels information, sound, and the ancient languages of our ancestors to support her clients with their personal, generational, and global transformation.

She offers support for clients to reconnect with intuition, own their story, rediscover their voice, and rewrite the body™.

Those same stories of love, grief, trauma, illness, and injury we carry in our body and energy, are also held in the structure and land of our homes and businesses.

When you work with Lore you will benefit from over 25 years of experience working with clients to heal and realign their body, energy, homes, and businesses.

Lore’s work spans generations and geographies. She works with adults, children, and teens. Over the years, Lore has been asked to facilitate workshops and sessions including the recent live KOWS broadcast with Arnold Levine; KVMR Women’s Collective; KVMR WonderLove broadcast (along with special guest and peace activist, Ken Nwadike, Jr, from Free Hugs Project); HoneyRoot Women’s Embodiment Retreat; WorldFest (2017 & 2016); Holistic Healing Saloon-The Center SF; Nevada City Psychic Fair; Private Sessions throughout California, and more. 

Lore is also a speaker, author, herbalist, mom to an awesome teen and funny cat, and loves the ocean and sunflowers. She holds a BS in Psychology and an MA in English. She is certified as a Massage Therapist; Reiki Master; BodyTalk Systems Practitioner. 

Interview with Elisa Park, See Jane Do